DonorWorks 11.0 Client Setup

Submitted by Terry Hatmaker on Tue, 09/11/2018 - 14:20
Release Date
Tue, 11/12/2019

Client Setup

Follow these instructions only AFTER installing DonorWorks 11.0 on your server AND if you wish to install DonorWorks on additional computers on your network.

First check to make sure ALL computers on which you are installing DonorWorks meet the current System Requirements.

For either Windows or macOS:

step 1

Begin by installing and launching DonorWorks 11.0 as outlined in the Program Installation instructions.



The Setup Assistant welcome screen will appear. Click Continue.

DonorWorks 11.0 Installation Guide Setup Assistant Welcome


DonorWorks will ask how you'd like to configure DonorWorks. Choose the 2nd option: 'Use an existing DonorWorks database,' Click Continue.

DonorWorks 11.0 Installation Guide Setup Assistant Option


Choose the 1st option: Enter database server IP address or hostname and enter the IP address you noted in step 10 under Server Setup. Click Continue.

- OR -

If you have enrolled in the DonorWorks Data Hosting Service, choose the 2nd option: Use DonorWorks Data Hosting and enter the User ID and Password you were given. Click Continue.

DonorWorks 11.0 Installation Guide Setup Assistant Use Hosting


Select your user (or enter your username), enter your password and click Log In.

NOTE: The Administrator you set up when installing DonorWorks on the server must log in first and set up other user accounts. We strongly recommend that each user has his or her own username and password. Please see the Administrative Tools manual for more information about user management.

DonorWorks 11.0 Installation Guide Login

If you experience difficulties while setting up DonorWorks, call the DonorWorks Technical Support staff at 800-327-1476 Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-6:00 PM Eastern time for assistance.