DonorWorks 10.1.9

Submitted by Alex Clay on Wed, 07/11/2018 - 18:26
Release Date
Thu, 07/12/2018

Before installing DonorWorks 10.1

Backup your data

Back all databases that will be updated to DonorWorks 10.1. If you're on Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Ensure all computers that will run DonorWorks 10.1 meet the system requirements

Please note that Windows XP, Windows Vista, and macOS versions prior to 10.9 are NOT supported.

Install DonorWorks Mobile 1.2 or later

DonorWorks Mobile 1.2 or later is required to access DonorWorks 10.1 databases. DonorWorks 10.1 is required to take full advantage of DonorWorks Mobile 2.x.


Download and install DonorWorks using the links above. This will remove DonorWorks 9 and 10.0 from your computer. Open DonorWorks 10.1 and update your database, then begin using DonorWorks normally.

You will need to run the DonorWorks installer on all computers using DonorWorks.  If you're currently using DonorWorks 10.0, other computers will automatically download and launch the installer when they connect to your updated database. The database update will only be run once.

Issues resolved in DonorWorks 10.1.9


  • CDM-4531 Bug - Check Listing report combining Auto Draw amount
  • CDM-5510 Bug - Ledger to Budget Report is not sorting category and sub-category codes of different lengths alphabetically
  • CDM-5514 Bug - Check Listing report is not showing the bank reconciliation cleared status
  • CDM-5528 Bug - Check Listing Composite mode doesn't hide detail entries

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-5512 Bug - Check Listing Report is listing Gross amount rather than Net Pay amount for Payroll Checks


  • CDM-5520 Bug - Adding a new visitor to Event Attendance does not include them in the resulting list of Attendance entry window

Custom Listing

  • CDM-5511 Bug - Enabling the Address under column 1 on the Gifts Custom Listing doesn't print the address


  • CDM-5518 Bug - Ledger to Budget does not combine accounts by number


  • CDM-5505 Bug - SQL error when transferring online credentials 
  • CDM-5517 Bug - Updating an Address Record's Mailing Name or Salutation for a family with a Donor record does not prompt you to update Donor

Report Frame

  • CDM-5478 Bug - Labels can truncate content when there is available space to use

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-5527 Story - Before resetting an idle connection, flush any open transactions


  • CDM-5539 Bug - Update to 7934 from 7929 causes stack error

User Customizations

  • CDM-5536 Bug - Quarterly Comparison Report is not printing the budget figures