DonorWorks 9.1.6

Submitted by Alex Clay on Tue, 06/07/2016 - 13:43
Release Date
Tue, 06/07/2016

Bug Fixes

  • [CDM-1259] - Constituent Name Badges can print the wrong photo for the wrong constituent on the last page
  • [CDM-2408] - Constituents that are assigned to groups are not automatically highlighting when going through the check-in process
  • [CDM-2499] - Using the Constituent Names field on a custom listing with an advanced find against certain fields produces an error
  • [CDM-2624] - User attempts to add individuals to Address Record window and receives a SQL Error
  • [CDM-2669] - User receives a SQL Error when attempting to move an constituent to another Address Record
  • [CDM-2680] - Custom listing subtotal headers don't extend to use multiple lines when needed
  • [CDM-2728] - Adding a code on the fly doesn't gracefully handle a duplicate entry
  • [CDM-2762] - The program does not gracefully handle adding a duplicate pay item description
  • [CDM-2770] - After updating to CDM+ 9.3/DonorWorks 9.1, the cached position values on church assignments can be incorrect
  • [CDM-2775] - Including Not Tax Deductible on Contributions Maintenance can cause extra result lines to appear
  • [DW-202] - Sales Order Invoice Changes for Healing the Culture


  • [CDM-625] - Add User Fields to Vendor Records
  • [CDM-2031] - Build the Attendance Analysis for Cancer Support Community
  • [CDM-2167] - Ability to set a flat accrual amount per payroll on a time off plan
  • [CDM-2465] - Redesign the Sales Order Records window to fit the minimum screen resolution better
  • [CDM-2628] - Disallow deleting an entry in a closed period or on a bank reconciliation
  • [CDM-2636] - Allow selecting multiple funds on the Pledge Custom Listing
  • [CDM-2637] - Add the YTD pledge balance to the Pledges tab on Donor Records
  • [CDM-2638] - Add the Pledge Amount to Gift Entry
  • [CDM-2655] - Add contact name to Vendors
  • [CDM-2721] - Add Sales Orders to the user Menus preference pane
  • [CDM-2723] - Add ability to find on function driven fields for pledge records
  • [CDM-2793] - Enhance the Mac check image scanner to look in /usr/local/bin/ruby and then in /usr/bin/ruby