About DonorWorks

  Open the About DonorWorks window to see your current version number and access supporting websites for the program. Under Mac OS X, the About CDM+ window can be accessed under the CDM+ application menu. Under Windows it is available under the File menu.
Click on the System Information tab on the About CDM+ screen to access more information about your copy of CDM+. This is the pane that has your version number, which is important to know if you need to call CDM+ technical support.
The Serialization tab allows you to authorize new licenses for CDM+, upgrade to a cross-platform license, purchase additional programs, or upgrade from Standard to Pro versions of programs you already own. For more information on purchasing licenses, additional programs or upgrading, visit www.cdmplus.com or call 800\-327\-1476 Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM–5:00 PM Eastern time.

The Record Structures tab gives you a count of the various record structures found in your database.

The Processes tab contains a list of running processes on your computer. CDM+ Technical Support may refer you to this tab when troubleshooting a problem.

All the information found in the About window can be printed by clicking on the Print button.