17 - Appendix D: Custom Listings

Custom Listings are a powerful reporting tool that allow you create listings and summaries that include a set of DonorWorks database fields you choose. Custom Listings are found throughout DonorWorks.

Custom Listings are found on the following report menus:

People Reports > Listings 

Attendance Reports > Listings

Gift Reports > Listings

Memorial Gifts Reports > 

Gift Designee 

Gifts Used

Gifts Given

Accounting Reports >

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Event Registration Reports > Listings

Roommate  Reports > 





Check-In/Check-Out Reports > Listings 


Like Exports, Custom Listings use saved sets of fields from the DonorWorks database to define what to print on the report. Therefore, to begin using the Custom Listing reports, you first need to create a new set or modify an existing set of fields.