Printing a 941 Form

  1. On the Reports menu, go to Payroll Reports, then to 941 Tax Form. Or, if you have chosen under Preferences-Toolbars to show the Payroll toolbar, you may click on the Reports icon and then select 941 Tax Form.
  2. Click on Add to create a 941 Form. The first time you create a 941, you will need to enter your Name, Address, the Date quarter began and the Date quarter ended. Next click on Load Figures. DonorWorks will calculate your tax liabilities from Payroll and fill out the form.

  3. Click on the Detail tab to review the information. If you need to add or change information, you can do it on this window. Please verify your deposit information. If you are using the Post to Accounts Payable option in Payroll to pay your taxes, then CDM+ should automatically fill in this information (please note that the first time you use this feature your deposit information may not be complete). Also, please be certain to check any appropriate boxes.

  4. Click on the Voucher tab if you need to include a payment voucher with your 941. If you are a Schedule B filer, the program will automatically supply this information, but you can view and edit it by clicking on the Schedule B tab.

  5. The Payment tab will display the payments, if any, that have been marked for 941 payments.
  6. Once all of the information is completed, click on Save.
  7. To print forms that can be mailed directly to the IRS, click on the Print Forms button. On the Select Forms window, check the boxes beside all the forms you wish to print, then click OK. You have options to print the 941 Form itself, Instructions for the 941 Form, Schedule B, and the payment Voucher.

    A portion of the 941 Form ready to print

    NOTE: To check the figures on a 941 Form, run the Taxable Income Detail payroll report. Be sure to click the Detail option and enter the same payroll date range as the 941 Form and compare. The figures should be exactly the same.

  8. To view previous reports, click on the Report droplist and select the report you wish to view.