View Payroll

The View Payroll window displays all the payroll information which has been calculated. Adjustments to payroll that has been calculated and not posted may be done here.

  1. Select View Payroll from the Payroll menu. Or, click on the View Payroll button on the Windows pane of the Welcome to Payroll window. If you have chosen under Preferences- Toolbars to show the Payroll toolbar, you may click the View Payroll icon.

  2. Use the Find feature to locate the desire payroll. Highlight a line to view it in the window below.
  3. The Summary pane of the View Payroll window summarized the payroll information which has been calculated for an employee for a particular payroll period. If the paycheck has been written, the Date Paid, Check # and Asset it was paid from will display.

    If this payroll has not been posted to the ledger, you may make changes. If the Posted to Ledger box is checked, you cannot change this payroll information, but you can void the check and reissue it. DonorWorks will make all the necessary adjustments in the Ledger and Accounts Payable.

    NOTE: You can select multiple payrolls in the find results list to void them all at once.

  4. Click on the Detail tab to open a second pane of the View Payroll window.

  5. Click each Pay Item to view its detail.
  6. Click on the Other Deductions tab to see a listing of additional deductions taken.

  7. To discard a payroll, highlight all the pay period lines in the find results list and click the Delete button at the bottom of the window.