06 - Payroll

Please note: DonorWorks Payroll is an optional feature of DonorWorks Accounting. If you own the latest release of DonorWorks Accounting and you wish to use the Payroll feature, but do not have access to it, please contact the DonorWorks Sales Department at 877-891-4236. Use of DonorWorks Payroll requires enrollment in the DonorWorks Premier Support program.

You may begin using DonorWorks Payroll in several ways. From the Welcome to DonorWorks window, click on the Payroll button, select Welcome to Payroll Window from the Payroll menu or click on the Payroll icon on the Program toolbar. This will open the Welcome to Payroll window.

Welcome to Payroll Window

The Getting Started pane of this window shows the basic steps to begin using the Payroll program. Clicking on each of the buttons opens a different window in DonorWorks Payroll. Begin by clicking on 1. Enter default Employee information.

Or, under the Payroll menu, select Payroll Setup.

CDM+ Payroll Program Menu