Entering Deposits

  1. Choose Ledger from the Accounting menu and under Ledger, choose Ledger Entries. Or, if you have the Accounting toolbar active, click on the Ledger icon.
  2. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the window. This will open the New Entry window. Click on New Deposit.


  3. The Transaction Date will default to today's date. You may change it to another date.
  4. Press Tab and type the deposit amount. Press Tab again, moving into the Account field.
  5. Click on the down arrow beside the Account field, and choose the correct Asset account number (e.g.—1000 for Checking account) from the drop list.
  6. Press Tab key and type the Deposit Description (e.g. - Women's Circle March donation).
  7. Press Tab key, placing cursor in Account field. Enter an Income account number in the Account field (i.e. - 4110 for Missions Fund Offering). If you don't know the account number, click on the hand icon to open the Select Account window. Double-click on the account number you desire.
  8. Press Tab key. Total amount should appear in Amount field. If the deposit is to be assigned to a single account number, click Save or press Return/Enter.

    If the deposit is to be assigned to more than one income account number, change the number in the Amount field and press the Tab key (or click the small Add button). Repeat Step 8 above, adding lines for different income numbers and different amounts until the Total equals the Deposit Amount and then click the Save button.

TIP: You can leave the total deposit amount blank and DonorWorks will automatically set it to the total amount for the detail line items upon saving.