Option 2: Using the Copy Button

When the budget you wish to enter will have many of the same accounts and amounts as a previous budget, using the Copy Year function can be a real time-saver, eliminating the need to re-enter a significant amount of data.

  1. On the Accounting menu, choose Ledger and under Ledger, choose Budget. Or on the Welcome to Accounting window, click the 3. Enter a budget button on the Getting Started tab or the Budget button on the Windows tab.
  2. Select a budget Year from the drop list.
  3. Click the Copy Year button at the top of the window. Enter a new budget Year and press Return/Enter or click OK. DonorWorks will create a new budget with the same line items and amounts as the budget year copied.

  4. Highlight the annual Amount in the first line of the new budget and, if necessary, enter the new amount.
  5. Press the Tab key, moving through the budget line items, making changes as necessary. To delete a budget line item entirely, click on the red X. Clicking on the hand icon will open the Select Account window.
  6. The annual amount will be divided by 12 and entered into the 12 monthly breakdown fields. You may change these to different amounts as long as the Breakdown total equals the annual Amount. Refer to the documentation on the Budget Inspector for how to specify month breakdowns.
  7. Press Return/Enter or click Save.
  8. If you want to add line items to the copied budget. Click on the Add Accounts button and select the accounts as described above.

Clicking on the Rename button at the top of the Budget window simply allows you to change the name of the budget year. Click on the Delete button to delete a budget.