04 - Accounting

This full-featured fund accounting program is designed specifically for non-profit organizations and includes accounts payable and receivable, as well as annual and monthly budgeting. Using DonorWorks Accounting, you can generate many easy-to-understand reports that help interpret how the organization's finances reflect your mission.

Below is a suggested procedure to begin using the DonorWorks Accounting program. The outline is followed by step-by-step procedures for accomplishing each item.

  • (A) Gather existing reports and ending balances. From these reports identify Account Numbers, Categories, and Sub- Categories needed. (Sub-Categories are optional.)
  • (B) Define Categories and Sub-Categories.
  • (C) Set up your Chart of Accounts.
  • (D) Enter beginning balances for assets, liabilities and fund balance accounts.
  • (E) Print out a fiscal balance sheet and verify the structure and balances.
  • (F) Enter your Budget (this may be done later).
  • (G) Begin entering transactions in the Ledger.
  • (H) Set up Accounts Payable and begin to pay bills and post them to the Ledger.
  • (I) How to use accrual in Accounts Payable.
  • (J) Perform other accounting procedures—do a Bank Reconciliation; close a month; close a year.
  • (K) Reports

You may access DonorWorks Accounting in several ways. From the Welcome to DonorWorks window, click on the Accounting button, select Welcome to Accounting Window from the Accounting menu or click on the Accounting icon on the Progam Toolbar. This will open the Welcome to Accounting window.

Welcome to Accounting - Getting Started pane

The Getting Started pane of this window shows the basic steps to begin using the Accounting program. Clicking on each of the buttons opens a different window in DonorWorks Accounting.