03 - Gifts

The DonorWorks Gifts program is a great help in the week-to-week task of recording giving. After donations are recorded into the system, a variety of reports giving powerful analysis of the financial support of your organization is immediately available. An unlimited number of different designations of gifts can be recorded in DonorWorks. These different designations are printed directly on the giving statements and are available on a variety of reports that show exactly how much was given to a particular project over a period of time. Giving statements can be printed (or emailed) at any time and reflect to donors an accurate account of the receipt of their gifts.

DonorWorks can maintain an unlimited history of giving for each giving unit. This information can be printed and averages of gifts per giving unit will automatically be calculated. What kind of development program is needed for your organization? DonorWorks Gifts will give you helpful information about the past and current support, so that just the right program can be implemented to help challenge your consitituents.